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Kelvinator Commercial KCHUCWT72R 72" Undercounter Refrigerator 3 Sections & 3 Doors, 115v

Kelvinator Commercial KCHUCWT60R 60" Undercounter Refrigerator with worktop

Kelvinator Commercial KCHUCWT48R (738300) 48" Undercounter Refrigerator w/ (2) Sections & (2) Doors, 115v

Kelvinator Commercial KCHUCWT27R 27" Undercounter Refrigerator w/ 1 Section & 1 Door, 115v

Saba SUC-72R Undercounter – Solid Door Refrigerator

Saba SUC-60R Undercounter – Solid Door Refrigerator

Saba SUC-27R Undercounter – Solid Door Freezer

Saba SUC-48R Undercounter – Solid Door Freezer

Atosa Worktop Refrigerator MGF8410GR 60″ with Backsplash

Atosa Worktop Refrigerator MGF8409GR 48″ with Backsplash

Atosa worktop refrigerator MGF8408GR 27″ with Backsplash